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‘I am a designer who is always true to my heart, and always pursuit for better in fashion.’ Education: MA-Kingston University London/Fashion Design:2010-2011 BA-Winchester School of Art/UK/Fashion Design:2007-2009


BA graduation works

Here are my BA graduation collection, named BLACK COLLECTION. Initial inspiration began with watching an animated film which named "Tim Button's Corpse Bride". This film is a story based on a European folk tale,"Corpse Bride".

It dragged me to think about the cross moment between life and death. Therefore, I creative some twisted structures or shapes as the detail which explore the feeling of hidden emotions. Those details are developing from the seashell surface. Black is been used as the main and only colour for this collection. For the silhouette, I extend the neck line and allow the twisted details wrapping over and around the neck, which express the version of fetter.

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