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LONDON, LONDON, United Kingdom
‘I am a designer who is always true to my heart, and always pursuit for better in fashion.’ Education: MA-Kingston University London/Fashion Design:2010-2011 BA-Winchester School of Art/UK/Fashion Design:2007-2009


Digital Print Pattern Design

Here are two options of the final digital print pattern till now, but don't know which is better to be worked with my triangle pleats stuffs? They are totally different styles~~


Triangle Pleats Testing

The idea of triangle pleats was a continuation from my previous project-ZERO. I test my idea by replacing tracing paper with lots of different materials to make triangle pleats in ZERO project. I plan to use these pleats in my final project for outfits designing, the final outcome of the 3rd testing sample is quite beautiful and it's much better than what I expected. It could be considered as an option to use in some detail designs and accessory designs.

Major Project Line-up selection