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‘I am a designer who is always true to my heart, and always pursuit for better in fashion.’ Education: MA-Kingston University London/Fashion Design:2010-2011 BA-Winchester School of Art/UK/Fashion Design:2007-2009



The purpose of this project is get inspiration from previous projects, re-develop and transfer into a commercial way to recreate a new fashion collection. And this collection have to been designed for a designer or a brand. So who is the one I wanna design's a Tokyo-based fashion label TOGA by Yasuko Furuta is characterized by urban, multi-layered ensembles.



We made origami in our childhood, we used to have such a good time.

Triangle in Memories

In my memory, elderly like to fold the smallest notes to make little triangles, and use various kinds of method to put them together into different shapes, such as pineapple, swan and some animals. These works become a piece of art, and kids enjoy seeing how they were made. We learned from the elderly to fold the triangles, and make our own imperfect shapes with our tiny hands.

This is where the inspiration of this project came from, those little triangles in my memory guide me back to the old days.

The theme of this project is about ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, which recyclable materials were used instead of the notes, to recreate the triangles from my memory.

how we fold triangles...

These small armor samples were been made by tracing paper.


A smell can trigger a lot of emotions form people.
What would trigger your feeling and emotion,
when you are standing in the forest and breathing in different kind of smell flow in the air?

Put these smells on your skin,
and feel them closely.

Digital Print Patterns


BA graduation works

Here are my BA graduation collection, named BLACK COLLECTION. Initial inspiration began with watching an animated film which named "Tim Button's Corpse Bride". This film is a story based on a European folk tale,"Corpse Bride".

It dragged me to think about the cross moment between life and death. Therefore, I creative some twisted structures or shapes as the detail which explore the feeling of hidden emotions. Those details are developing from the seashell surface. Black is been used as the main and only colour for this collection. For the silhouette, I extend the neck line and allow the twisted details wrapping over and around the neck, which express the version of fetter.


Found this link last night. Haaaaaa~My work looks very cute. Like it~

Random Works

collar as decoration with PVC triangles