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‘I am a designer who is always true to my heart, and always pursuit for better in fashion.’ Education: MA-Kingston University London/Fashion Design:2010-2011 BA-Winchester School of Art/UK/Fashion Design:2007-2009


Major Portfolio


I have memories of my grandma, who liked to fold the smallest notes to make little triangles. She would use various methods to put the paper together into different shapes, such as that of a dragon boat, a piece of art. As a child I was fascinated by how these objects were made. We learned from the elderly to fold the triangles and made our own imperfect shapes with our tiny hands.

My grandma's work, an ancient Chinese technique, is the inspiration for my master's project. A wearable womenswear capsule collection is for the modern, vanguard, and independent female and is inspired by architectural shapes and industrial landscapes with an edge of femininity.

The triangles accent the collection, as I allow my childhood to transform and develop the shared memories of my grandmother, they come alive as origami in fashion, her memory and talent living on.

Traditional Triangle Making Process

Shape Samples by Smallest Note Triangles

Research Focus

Work Samples from 'ZERO' Project
-shoulder pieces be made of tracing paper triangles

Triangle Making Process

I've tried to transform and develop traditional triangles into a more easier and simple way. Instead of the paper materials, PVC and latex materials be used in this project.

Design Development Ideas

Design Development & Idea Sketches

Final Look

Body Scales-PVC Materials
digital print pattern design
digital visual
fabric print sample-silk
fabric sample- silk chiffon

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